Research Specialist is a company engaged in research services both in the field of marketing research, social research, social and marketing research. Our goal is to help clients to solve permasalahanya achievement through data collection and processing to be used as a basis for strategic decisions Our services include marketing and social research that we can apply through a wide variety of research methodologies both quantitative and qualitative goals tailored to each team consisting of Us a solid, practitioner research practitioners are qualified and experienced in the respective areas of competence so as to bring each project is executed in accordance with the standards and goals set. We are supported by:

  • Executives Reserarch highly educated and knowledgeable who can make a design research methodology and appropriate tools to address problems of the client – in a reliable Statistician includes sampling design so as to reflect the accuracy of the data,
  • An excellent coordiantor field interviewer in coordinating the Indonesia is spread across both urban, suburban, even rural areas, and ensure that the fieldwork will be completed on time,
  • Quality Control Coordinator for the firm and honest, to handle his team to re-check the work of the interviewer to get the correct data properly qualified and honest
  • Data Entry Coordinator and Data analyst, make the proper tools and data entry data entry staff to coordinate data with standard menegntri high accuracy so that the resulting data is data cleaning is ready to be processed
  • A great experienced analyst can process and read the data so as to provide appropriate solutions and recommendations to our client’s operational center is located in Jakarta, but we do research in Indonesia both urban, suburban, and rural because our team is located in 33 provinces in Indonesia in every province we have a field supervisor and a team of experienced interviewer, educated and trained to basecamp fied supervisor in each provincial capital. Training and briefing to all the team involved is required before the research project undertaken to eliminate bias and error research Finally, honesty is our priority, because honesty is the beginning of the belief.

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